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$10 Garage Sale Find Recreated.

Garage sale season is coming to an end.  As the cooler weather approaches, people stop wanting to sit outside in their yard for an entire day trying to get rid of all the excess "junk" they have collected.  

I love garage sales!  This summer we found one jackpot.  Seriously, the sign on the door said, "If you can see it, you can buy it."  We literally took a door off the hinges and climbed through attic space to retrieve a few slats of wood.  (The slats were used to make my bench featured in another post.)

At that garage sale, we bought these two small dresser/end tables for $10.  I knew a little paint would bring a new life back into these pieces. 

I gathered my materials.  I had everything I needed to fix these pieces to be more fitting my taste.  I pulled out three of the $1 paint deals I had gotten this summer and decided on the lightest shade.  I also found my old wallpaper scraps.  

The ugliest part of these drawers was the cording.  I thought it was a wicker type material, but it actually was just plastic or nylon.  Most of them were falling off, so they were easy to remove.  I debated over what I wanted to put in their place, but I decided to just use my leftover wallpaper.  The cardboard inserts came out without effort.  


(Side Story)  I love this wallpaper. I was happy to be able to use my left overs, especially since it wasn't cheap to buy.  So, I want to share a story that explains a crazy side to my personality.  I call it my "experiential side". I didn't have a word for it for years, but as I've gotten older I have realized that I have a great need to experience things, not just witness them or read about them.  Well, anyway, several years ago when my oldest daughter turned 15, she decided she wanted to throw a "How To Solve A Murder Mystery" party. (She has always been the big party planner in the family... you should have seen her wedding!) The theme of the mystery was a 1920's Chicago Speakeasy.  At the time, our basement was newly refinished and being used as a playroom.  My "experiential side" went crazy with ideas for decorating this plain basement to give the feel of a musty, back alley, hidden speakeasy.  Thus... the wallpaper.  I covered several walls in this stone looking paper and it transformed the space completely.  They had a great time and the paper is still on the walls... mostly hidden by bookshelves these days.  (I will have to hunt down a picture and post it here. )

Back to the regularly scheduled post:    

Next came the painting.  My daughter, Mary, wanted to help, so I let her. That is not easy for me to do and I am still finding paint on my entry's wood floor, but she enjoyed herself.  Since the furniture was already white, I didn't need to prime.  Two coats of paint were applied. 


The last step was to stick the wallpaper and fit the cardboard back into the drawers.  The paper was pretty old, so the glue was not that tacky.  Yet, I still managed to get the boards in place with the wallpaper.  I just used tape to keep them in place.  (nothing elaborate) 


The final result!  I think they turned out rather cute. 


Thanks for reading my crazy posts :)

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