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10 Super Bowl Survival Options


I am not anti-Super Bowl.  I am not standing on a moral high ground refusing to watch the most awaited sporting event of the year because of the inappropriate commercials, tactless half-time performances, or the immoral behaviors of the players and teams.  I just can’t stand sitting down for so many hours listening to the constant sound of yelling and commentating.  I understand the basics of the game.  I can follow the actions well enough, but I just can’t get myself to care.  

So... what am I to do with my family who loves it all.  I will join them in their celebrations, but I will have to have some activity to keep me from going stir crazy.  I have compiled a list of possible options that anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation can do.  You can remain in the same room with those you love and yet still find your own level of entertainment.  


1. Read my old blog post:  Okay... that seems a bit self serving.  Well... it IS a bit self serving.  But I had to start with the best option.  Ok... moving on.

2. Catch up on all the other blogs or articles you have wanted to read.  I often see people posting article to their Facebook pages with the tag line, “For me to read later.”  Well, it’s later, and here is your chance.  You may find that it’s difficult to locate those old articles you were saving (I personally email the link to pieces I want to read later so I can find them easily.) but the act of searching for them will keep you busy and entertained in the process.  

3. Clean up your Pinterest boards.  Maybe you haven’t noticed, but Pinterest has updated their website allowing you to rearrange your pins onto new or different boards.  I did this recently since I was having difficulty finding pins I was wanting to check out further.  You can move a whole group of pins by clicking on a specific board and pushing “edit board”.  I moved several pins into completely new boards I had created.  You can also move only one pin by clicking on it and pushing “edit” on the top.  You can then just rename the board you want that pin to be located.  If you’re like my mom, who likes to rearrange furniture just for fun, you may find this activity very satisfying. 


4. Dream a little.  While you are on Pinterest.  Pin away!  Lately, I have found myself camping out on Pinterest, dreaming of all the wonderful plans I have. It has helped to remove me out of the stress I have felt and placed me into a happier place.  I have also found several project ideas in which I have actually managed to complete over the last couple weeks.  Therefore, along with the dreaming, do some planning as well.  

5. Speaking of planning, take this time to plan your next week of meals.  I have found that our family eats cheaper and healthier when I have planned the meals.  Yet, for some reason, I hate the planning.  Maybe it’s because it takes so much brain effort. Coming up with 7 dinners to feed my herd, working around their sporadic schedules, and fitting them into our budget, is completely exhausting.  If you are like me, having time to just sit and not be distracted by the TV is a good time to pull out the cookbooks, grab a pad of paper and pen, and figure out what you will eat for the next week.  


6. Catch up on your photo organizing.  I haven’t scrap booked in years.  My poor younger children will miss out on the beautiful colored and stickered scrapbooks that my older kids enjoy.  However, I have not given up on trying to preserve and organize the gigantic amount of photos that are taken daily.  Lately, I have begun working on printing them.  I had read an article about the best ways to preserve those favorite shots.  Hands down, the best way to ensure your grandchildren see them is to print them.  Digital is just not your best option.  So, slowly, I have started to print.  Another motive for printing to to clean off the hard drive of my ever filling computer.  It makes me sick to think of a small glass of water wiping away years of memories.  Of course, it won’t take long for the financial aspect of printing to catch up with me.  So, I have weeded through the thousands and thousands of shots determining which ones are worth printing.  If I don’t think I will print them, then why keep them on my computer.  I have had to remind myself that my parents and grandparents made it through happy and successful childhoods without having every moment of it documented in a photo.  The best memories are the ones I have in my heart and mind.  


7. Write some letters.  Yes, people still do this.  Is there someone who would enjoy hearing a quick update about your family?  Is there someone you know who needs to receive a bit of encouragement?  Have you sent out thank you notes for the gifts you received this Christmas?  Is someone’s birthday coming up?  I love letter writing, but I am so bad at doing it.  I liked it when catch up letters started to be sent via email.  Typing on a keyboard takes far less effort than writing legible script.  But nowadays, no one even emails anymore.  I get so irritated when I get a text from someone I haven’t spoken to in forever and it’s a quick “Hey, how ya doing? How’s the fam?” kind of text.  I think, seriously? Can’t you call or email?  I bet there are people in your life who would love to get a note that you have mailed with a stamp.  Keep it short though... attention spans are wanting.  (with that in mind, I should move along faster here)


8. Read!  I admit, reading while a television is blaring is not an easy task.  I tend to stick to books that are more informative, rather than a story that requires me to place myself into a setting.  Do you have books or magazines that need attention?  Collect them all together and snuggle up.  My husband has several to choose from... sorry... more shameful self serving advertisement.  


9. Play on your phone.  Now, this suggestion requires you to have your charger near by.  Most of us have lives that rarely allow us to just tune life out and play on our phones the way we see our teens doing.  It can be quite fun.  I have a few suggestions for you.  Trivia Crack is perfect for all of you who likes to see how much you know and then make others feel insecure about their lack of knowledge.  It’s like the board game, Trivial Pursuit, only it moves faster and the trivia is more current.  Angry Birds... some may think that this game is passe, but oh you fools.  Angry Birds regularly update their levels, keeping you coming back for more.  I have purchased every version there is, but my favorite is the holiday version.  It’s 99 cents well spent.  And then there is a wonderful app called Art Puzzle.  You can get versions of this game that includes real art works by Michelangelo, Manet, Monet, Rousseau, Raffaello, and Renoir.  As you put these puzzles together you are comforted by classical music.  I LOVE puzzles.  I can feel my body start to relax when any one of these art puzzles open up.  Go ahead. I give you permission to act like your teenager for a couple hours this Sunday. 

10. Sleep!  All of these great suggestions may be placed aside if my husband hands me too large of a glass of wine.  I may find myself snoozing on the couch without a care in the world.  As warmth and relaxation come over me, I may forget the pile of party dishes needing cleaned and just slip into the state of rest I so desperately need.  


So there you have it.  If you are not the football fan that your family members are, you can now find a way to still join them in their merriment without being too bored.  Be productive or be entertained.  It’s your choice now.  


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