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The Primal Happy Place

Getting back to the basics of what makes us happy and healthy.



Welcome to The Primal Happy Place.

Among the pages of this website, I hope you find snippets of encouragement, inspiration, and practical suggestions.  My name is Linda Padgett and I am excited that you decided to join me here in one of my happy places.  I have many interests and many more opinions. I am constantly doing, studying, planning, or thinking something.  I rarely stop.  My degree is in elementary education.  I was instructed to teach little children their ABC’s and sing “The Wheels of the Bus” over and over.  My training does not lie in journalism, nutrition, medical expertise, or any other qualification that makes me a “legit blogger” to some.  I simply love my life. I love learning new things and living each day with adventure and inspiration.  I also am cursed with the compulsion to tell people everything I learn and think I know.  My poor husband has been my main audience until now.  So thanks for taking some of that burden from him. 

I have been married to my high school sweetheart for over 23 years and we have 9 living children. 

Yes, you read that correctly... NINE! 

Our oldest is about to get married (summer 2014) and our baby is almost 3.  I’ve been changing diapers for over half my life.  Our family environment is loud, crazy, chaotic and full of love.  My husband and I are converts to Catholicism since 1999 and our faith is a huge part of who we are.  With that said, though, I love getting to know all kinds of people from every walk of life and I desire for this blog to reach out and connect with the wonderful variety of humans that share this planet. 

I am new to the primal way of eating and living, but I have found that it fits me like a glove, or like Vibrams Five Finger shoes, depending on the season.  I will share a ton concerning this journey of health and fitness. You must also be warned that I am quite obsessive about my bike.  I love cycling and the reintroduction of this activity into my adult life has transformed my whole family.  

I should also forewarn you of a few other obsession I may rant about.  They are tasty food and cooking, urban farming and gardening, exceptional tattoos, anything that is beautiful enough to make my heart ache (art, music, literature) and every activity that gets me on my favorite trails during any time of year, including my newest adventure in cross country skiing. 

The main point I want you to understand about me and this website is that I will aspire to vulnerability and authenticity.  I have tough skin so I can handle people’s disapproval, but I believe that the ability to really connect with others and find mutual support and encouragement is found in being real.  You will be exposed to mine and my family’s imperfections, irritations, and mostly our endeavor towards true love and growth.  Join us on the journey. It could be the start of a new adventure.



*Family pictures taken by Kelsey Demers.  Check out her website here:

*Trail pictures on the entire site are taken by my daughter. Check out her website here:

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