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Beef Tips over Mashed Cauliflower

I am not a super smart person, nor an amazing cook.   BUT I can blow my own mind once in a while...and tonight was one such occasion.


If you can look past my lousy photography, you will understand my momentary genius.  

About a month ago, we bought a half of a cow from our friends.  I have a freezer full of random cuts of beef and I am always searching for new ways to use them.  I love beef stew, but I can't make it too often for the family or else they will get sick of it. So I look for ways to use the beef tips other than for stew.  

BINGO.. I found a new way!

This dish is basically cooked beef tips and sauted onions and peppers served over mashed cauliflower.  Yum!

Here are my steps:


  1. Since I am out of coconut oil, I decided to use avocado oil to brown my beef tips in.  Avocado oil is a good choice for high heat cooking.  The fats don't break down in an unhealthy way.  This brand from Costco has a very mild flavor. 

  2. I like to cut my pieces of beef even smaller than they come in the bag.  I think they cook faster and stretch farther when feeding a large family.  

  3. When the beef was pretty browned, I added a can of beef broth to provide a bit of liquid. Yes, it's a generic, non-organic brand, but that is all I had in my cabinet. I was in the middle of creating a master piece so there was no time for a store run. 

  4.  Seasonings!  I love Red Boat fish sauce.  I gave my meat a few splashes of each of these bottles.  The coconut aminos is like a healthy version of soy sauce.  

  5. Spices!  I kept it simple.  I just sprinkled a little of these basic spices... pepper, salt and garlic powder.

   6. After it was all decorated with spices and seasonings, I covered it and left it to simmer for about 1.5 hours.  The longer it cooks, the more tender the meat.  I covered it so I wouldn't lose any of the liquid to evaporation. 

   7. Opps!  I had it turned up too high and I sat down for a break.  It boiled over and made a mess.  So... don't do that. 


  1. Here is my beautiful head of cauliflower.  You guessed it... I chop it up.

  2. Since my next larger pan was being used for the meat, I had to squeeze the entire head into this little pan.  It barely fit.  I added about half a pan of water and set it cooking.  

  3.  Now... I saved these next few steps till the very end because veggies get cold so fast.  So after the cauliflower was completely tender, I drained it and put it in my standing mixer.  Since I am on a dairy free diet right now, I substituted GHEE for butter and did not add milk.

  4. Let the mashing begin.  Again, I did not add milk; therefore, they were not as creamy as potatoes, but they tasted great.


   1.  I am loving cooking with cast iron.  Earlier today I had fried some sausage and bacon in this pan and had not cleaned it yet. (Don't judge.) So I figured it would be perfect for cooking my other veggies.  I added a little bit more avocado oil to help prevent sticking.  I got the pan nice and hot before adding the onions and peppers.

  2. These are a few items from my CSA this week.  My one big pepper looks like it's ready for Christmas.  

  3.  There were no tears in the cutting of this onion.  They are ready for the pan.

  4.  When the pan was hot, I added the veggies and stirred them around.  (Sorry for the elementary step by step, but I had to use all of the pictures I had taken.)

    5.  I added a scoop of the delicious broth into the veggies to provide liquid for steaming.  I then covered them to get them tender.

  6. When they were nearly done, I threw in a handful of fresh mushrooms.  It didn't take long for the pan to cook through.  I uncovered it for the last few minutes to evaporate the liquid and brown the veggies a bit.  


As you can see.  I scooped the mashed cauliflower onto the plate. I then added a good scoop of meat and broth. Finally, I topped it off with the amazing onions and peppers.  PERFECTION!

My kids liked it, minus the onions and peppers.  But that was okay... it left more for me.


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