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Carrying Cathy

We don’t always see the pain with which others live.  Their pain is often misunderstood as selfishness, weakness, or simple awkwardness.  Often, most often, their struggle is not their fault. 

To live in an existence that is always tainted with darkness and depression is a horrible cross to bear.  They need help carrying it.  

Living with a depressed individual is not easy.  I am sure it frequently feels like you are carrying that person.  Yet, for the sake of love, you carry on.

I love Ben Folds' music.  He is a story teller at heart.  This song is so powerful.  It is full of confusion and regret.  

Hit play and listen to this story.


I pray that if you are a “Cathy” or the person carrying a “Cathy”,you will find help and healing.  

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