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Cavey Carrot Cake!


OH MY!!!  Whether you are trying to avoid gluten and/or grain or not, this cake is amazing.  I have made it twice, the last time being Easter.  On both occasions, the left overs were eaten by me and my daughter for breakfast the next day.  It is so moist and packed full of yummy ingredients, such as 3 cups of carrots and a cup of both pecans and raisins.  

As for the frosting.  I went with plain ole cream cheese.  For Easter, I wanted to make sure I had plenty of frosting to give it a good layer so I used 3 blocks of cream cheese.   I let them soften at room temperature then threw them in my stand mixer with about 1/4 cup of maple syrup and beat away.  (You can use more depending on preference of sweetness and consistency.)  

Give this recipe a try.  Even if you are a crazy chocolate lover like me, you will find this cake extremely satisfying, especially during the spring.  Another benefit of carrot cake is that most of your kids won't find it tempting, which means more cake for you!!!  Enjoy!

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