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A Cheap One Day Project

I love simple, quick projects and some of the easiest ones involve paint. The other day, one of the first nice days we have had this year in the north, I got ambitious and motivated to be creative.  I had bought this small end table/dresser thing at a thrift store about a year ago.  It was really cheap, maybe only $5.  Because we have a large house and lots of kids who are constantly breaking our stuff, I knew we would find a use for this piece.  The best part was that it's made out of solid wood.  It's hard to find drawers made fully out of wood these days.  Most companies use cheap plywood as the drawer bottoms.  If any of you have children (or even husbands), you know that plywood will not hold up against the overstuffing of drawers.  So, this was a deal.  Even though I wouldn't use it for clothes, I figured strong drawers would help hold my heavy "English Garden" and "English Cottage" magazines I have collected.  

I have always had that special extra sense that can look past the current ugliness of something (house, room, furniture) and see the potential it holds.  I knew this little piece of furniture would look great with a fresh paint job and new handles.  Here is my before picture. 

The first step in any project is to get your tools and supplies ready.  One day when I was at Lowes getting paint for my daughter's room, I saw they were discounting a bunch of their colored samples.  I grabbed about 8 containers of random colors.  I chose to use the green sample since it matches the guest room, the current home of this dresser.  The most expensive part of this project was the hardware.  Luckily I only needed two handles, so I bought these for about $3 a piece.  As for paint brushes, The Dollar Tree has good quality brushes for a buck.  At that price, who needs to wash and reuse?  I simply throw them away.  

Hardware designs change every few years, so you may find that fitting new ones to older pieces may need some finesse.  In this project, I had to drill new holes for the handles.  I chose handles whose shapes would cover the old holes.  (I knew they would work because I took the old handles with me to Lowes to line them up.)  In this picture, I had marked the new holes for drilling.  It did take me several attempts to get the holes wide enough to fit the new screws.  

Now the easy part.  This is my first coat of paint.  It took me about 5 minutes. 

Here is a close up picture of the first coat.  You can see the white shining through.  

The finished project is a happy delight.  It took just two coats of paint that dried within an hour.  The hardware went on easily.  

My little $5 dresser/table is back in it's place.  At this point it is filled with diapers and wipes, but will soon be loaded down with my wonderful British garden magazines.  It was a great satisfaction with little effort and expense. I am compelled to express my creative muscles once in a while.  Now I need to find more items in my house to paint with the $1 paint samples.  

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