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The Primal Happy Place

Getting back to the basics of what makes us happy and healthy.


1.  I am Catholic.  I will not apologize for my Catholic life view. I was raised in a faithful protestant home, coming to a faith in Christ at an early age, but in 1999, my husband and I entered the church and have loved every minute of it.  I have great admiration and respect for other Christians and people from all walks of life.  That said... I don’t believe in over spiritualizing everything.  My deep faith does effect every part of my being and life, but I don’t believe that I need to shove it down someone’s throat or make everything super spiritual.  I hope that people of every faith and even those who profess no faith will find encouragement and inspiration within the pages of this website.

2.  The Padgetts are imperfect.  I know that some individuals may presume that because I have a lot of opinions and document my journey  I must, therefore, have it all together.  Our family is a mess, just like everyone else’s.  The only thing that we are perfect at is being human.  Therefore, we fail, we complain, we change our minds, we have to apologize.  If you are okay with our short comings then you are welcome to join in the fun.  

3.  This is my darn website.  I am perfectly okay with people disagreeing with me.  I have thick skin, but I can’t stand divisive individuals.  Therefore, if comments are left that leave a bad taste in my mouth, I WILL DELETE THEM.  I want this to be a happy place for all who log on, but especially for me.  So just play fair. 

4.  I’m a mom, damn it, not a doctor.  Every thing on this blog is my opinion.  I can not and will not diagnose your problems. I will just tell you what has worked for me.  

Words of Wisdom

"Never put anything in your nose. It tickles, even if you're not ticklish."   Joe Padgett (6 years old)










"Happiness is the natural life of man."  St. Thomas Aquinas



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