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Easy Garden Bench

I love making things.  I have always loved power tools, especially ones that work with wood.  I found this concept for a bench just to help my husband satisfy his "I am man. I must build something" urge.  But in the end, I did most of the work and he assisted with the assembly. 

I hope to make a twin of this later in the summer. For now, wedding decorations are taking priority.  

Here we go:

1. The Slates:     Chris and I found these Ikea type bed slates at a garage sale for a couple bucks. I already knew I wanted to make this bench when I saw them, so I was gitty.  I took them apart and used 5 of them.  

2. The Legs:    At the same garage sale, these beauties were  hiding under a deck.  We asked if they could be purchased, so we paid only a few bucks for each.  SCORE!  I measured a chair to see how high I needed the legs to be and pulled out my little baby saw and cut away.  I let my husband hold the beams for me.

3. The Base:    I found a small piece of 2X4 in the garage and cut them.  They formed the base in which I could attach my slates.  To find the correct measurement, I placed the slates on the ground and measured.  As you can see, I had a lot of help. 

4. Begin Assembly:                  I decided that I wanted the top slates to over lap the side slates, so I attached these first and flush to the top of the base.  Easy Peasy.  

5. Finish Assembly:    The last three slates were just placed evenly spaced.  

  It seems to work!  

6. The Decorating:    I wanted a two-toned bench, so I used my left over dark stain on the legs and a clear gloss on the top.  


I love the end result!  The assembly took less than an hour and it's quite comfortable.  When I make the twin, I will post an update with a better picture that not on my messy porch.  

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