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Enjoy with a Pillow and a Blanket.



John Michael Talbot was the first Catholic musician I had ever heard.  Ten years before we became Catholic, we were deeply moved by his beautiful spirituality and couldn't believe it came out of a monk.  (God has a funny sense of humor) 

This song, "Holy is His Name" is my absolute FAVORITE song of JMT.  Even though this video quality is not great and you get a mini message in the middle, you can hear the full orchestra support in the back. String instruments always resonate through the most deep-seated emotions of my soul. In this song, they add so much power and grace to an already beautiful song.  

I've been to one of John Michael Talbot's concerts.  The entire row of people in front of us fell asleep.  I kept thinking that the best way to enjoy his concert is with a pillow and blanket.  When I need to sleep on a plane or I want to find a place of peace amidst chaos, my ear buds go in and this song gets turned on.   

So sit back, put in some buds, tune out the noise around you, and let your soul be ministered to.  


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