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Happy Father's Day to My Husband

Happy Father’s Day to my dear husband.  

I knew you would be a good father and here are nine ways you have proved it.


Your solid immediate love for this little tiny baby brought me the confidence I needed to be her mother.  You helped me focus on her rather than the book I was trying to follow. 


You were afraid you would ruin her since you were being “Mr. Mom” during her youngest phases.  I think she has turned out pretty awesome.


You wrote her a song that really voices your desire and simple love you have for all of our children.  


He is your “mini me”.  All the great qualities I see in my oldest son are really just reflections of you.  


He is our proclamation of our catholic faith.... the journey that you took us on with great heroism.  You have given your children the greatest gift you can.... your faith.


You wanted to honor our Blessed Mother in naming your daughter after her. .  You continue to honor her by loving this silly little girl with amazing gentleness.  


He is such a little guy still, but I already see your sweetness and compassion flowing out of him.  I love watching you hold and comfort this tender soul. 


“Be a man” is what you encourage your boys, but you know that little Joe is still our little baby boy.  He has your humor. 


She is your gift in “old age”.  She loves her daddy.


So.... I guess I was wrong.  You really have 10 points of evidence. 

The last proof of your gift of fatherhood is the sweet little baby waiting to be born.... your first grandchild.  Your legacy will continue. 

Thanks for letting me be right.  I know a good father when I see one.  I love you babe.  

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