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I Choose You!

I'm going to be a grandmother!                              


Yes, I am only 44 years old and I still have a toddler, but none the less, it’s going to happen.... and soon!

Back in October, I was woken out of a sound sleep by my bedroom light being thrown on and my two oldest daughters standing at the foot of my bed.  My oldest daughter said in a very serious voice, “Mom, Sarah has something to tell you.”  My first thought, being that I was half asleep, was, “Oh my.  Who’s dead?  Is she going to jail for something?”  I think it took me about 20 minutes of listening to my girls cry and talk before I fully realized that I wasn’t actually sleeping and this wasn’t a dream.  


Those are words that no mother wants to hear coming out of their teenage daughter’s mouth.  “Mom, I’m pregnant.” With those three short words comes a flood of emotions and fears that cause your brain to explode and your heart to melt.  My first fear was, “Oh, no.  She will never find someone to really love her now.”  Her entire future changed immediately.  All the dreams and thoughts that I, as her mother, held for her disappeared in a matter of those few short words.  

Then...  I came to my senses.  


It didn’t take long for my perspective to change.  The fear was replace with intense love and admiration for this daughter of mine who was facing a new, different future with courage and hope.  She bravely accepted her mistake, faced the “consequences”, humbled herself, put her chin up and stepped into motherhood as gracefully as anyone ever has.  This was not in her plans, but she knew that this new life was a gift of grace being poured into her future.  It changes things, but for the better.  

Sarah is now “full term”, as I hear every day with the litany of typical pregnancy complaints.  She is ready to be done and hold her beautiful daughter.  She is ready to begin this new journey that will be only theirs.  She is excited to have this gift to join her in her new future. 

I was exposed to this song very recently by my father and mother-in-law.  I had never heard of this artist before (I am out of touch with the music scene) and I am certain that this song was not written for the pro-life position, but it fits so perfectly to my daughter’s situation.  Please listen.



“Tell the world we finally got it all right.  I choose you.  I will become yours and you will become mine. I choose you. I choose you.”  

This is the hope that my brave, courageous daughter feels.  She knows that of all the mistakes she has made in her life, her daughter is NOT one of them.  This unplanned baby is not an error that will ruin her future. She is the very grace that God will use in Sarah’s life to give her focus, hope, and unbelievable love that only a mother can feel.  A pregnancy was not the worse thing that could have happened in her life.  She is aware of all the really tragic situations that could have come into her life if she had continued down the same path or chose a different solution.  Her little Audrey is the opposite of those things.  She is light, beauty, spiritual healing, love, forgiveness, hope, inspiration, and victory.  She is a gift from her creator, who loved her enough to not only shine light into her darkness, but overflow her with immense generosity.  


Sarah’s life will never be the same.  In a few short weeks, she will experience the greatest joy a woman can experience.  This is not a punishment.  This is a blessing.  

I love you, my dear Sarah.  I can not be more proud or more humbled by your strength and bravery.  God has great things in store for you.  I am honored to be the grandmother of your daughter and your family will always be there for you both. 




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