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It's My Body


It’s my body, I can do whatever I want to do with it.  

This is true.... to a point.

Uncreative, misinformed, politically correct women love to spout this statement in defense of their “right” to abortion.  Of course, they are ignoring the clear, scientific fact that the baby they are killing actually has it’s own body... a body that is being burned alive or ripped apart. 

However, this logical argument seems to go right over their heads. They are so blinded by popular BS they have left true freedom at the door.  In their fight for full human rights, they have lost their own humanity.  

However, as a modern, strong woman, there is something that resonates within my soul when I read that statement,  “It’s my body, I can do whatever I want.”  I relate to the stubborn strength that these women are attempting to assert. I love the idea of possessing the fullness of freedom, to live the way I want and do whatever I wish.  

Yet, in their blindness, these heralding voices are not seeing that in their fight for total freedom, they are allowing the vast majority of Americans to lose so many of their freedoms, rights granted by our very own constitution.  I feel that this mantra of the pro-choice movement is too narrow.  

When I reflect on these words, “It’s my body”, I want to scream.... YES!!!!!  Therefore, I will have as many babies as I want without the intrusion of a bitchy gynecologist trying to  guilt me into having my tubes tied.  I will feed my babies in the way nature intended ANYWHERE I chose, whether it makes you uncomfortable or not.  I will hold in my own mind ANY opinion I chose, despite the fact you adamantly disagree with me.  I will use my own mouth to say what I want, since freedom of speech is my constitutional right and we are supposed to be highly educated and mature adults who can handle someone else’s opinion.  I will possess in my calm, peaceful hands the weapon of my choice, since the world is full of people wanting to take what I have away.  And I will use my own two feet to walk into my place of worship without the fear of government involvement.  

Damn it.  It IS my body.  All of it.

Not just the womb.  

So you see.  There is great irony is this statement, proclaimed by prominent individuals who have falsely taken on roles of examples to our youth. In reality, the body they are fighting to control is not their own. They are slowly surrendering their own rights to a government and society filled with narrow minded, self seeking, hypocrites.  The body this proclamation is fighting over is the body of the unborn.  They want the right to control THAT body, the body within their own.  In truth, this pro-choice position is so narrowly focused.  They say, “It’s my body”, but they are ONLY focused on the womb, and the body that resides in that womb is actually NOT their own.  You can dig that womb out, sew up your vagina, or cut off your breasts. You can take whatever dangerous drugs you desire or even stop buckling your seatbelt.  AND... in reality, you SHOULD be able to drink as large of a f***ing soda as you like. It IS your body! Yet, funny enough, when we are talking about abortion.... THAT... IS NOT YOUR BODY!!!!  

In fact, the more accurate banner that should be proclaimed by these Pro-Choice advocates is... "It's a body within my own body; therefore I can do with it anything I want." 

So please, please. Lets stop this load of crap. Stop talking in circles.  My head is getting dizzy.  This world is so confused, they can’t even see what is worth fighting for.  

I want freedom. I want to live the life I desire to live. I HATE having someone tell me what I should do. But my rights to that kind of freedom does not include the removal of another human being’s rights.  

It’s my body! I will live the way I want!   So... keep your flipping laws free from my body, out of my opinions, away from my home, and off my guns.  But most importantly, leave the innocent little body belonging to a totally separate human being, alone!  



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