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Playing in the Mud


I can not believe that tomorrow is May 1st!  This has been the strangest spring since we moved north almost 12 years ago.  The weather has been so nasty the last few days that I keep thinking that it's only March.  There has been almost constant cloud cover and chilly rain.  The last nice days were a couple weeks ago, Easter weekend.  During those glorious few days, my husband and I, along with our reluctant children, started a huge backyard project.  We tore down our broken pool and the old deck that went around it.  This has left a good portion of our yard bare and pretty nasty.  

At least, the kids ended up having a good time tearing things down.  It's a good way for them to take out their aggression rather than taking it out on their siblings.  

Anyway....  The project did not get completed, of course, and the rain has set in.  So, that means our yard has turned into a mud pit. 

Today, we managed to get motivated, despite the depressing weather and the huge pile of final papers my husband had to grade.  We went out into the rain and mud and worked on lining the original walkways that we discovered under the old deck and several inches of dirt.  The bricks we used were left in our dilapidated, arachnophobia nightmare of a garage when we bought the house. It's nice to finally have a useful purpose for them.  

What a mess!!!  At some point, I couldn't pick up my feet, due to the mud compacted on the bottom, and my pants had a hard time staying up, since they were also weighed down with water and mud.  Just plain gross!  (Playing in dirt can be very therapeutic, but this was not the same.)

We managed to get the rest of the edging finished and start the pavers, which will have grass growing in between them some day.  

                                                 See the puddles!!!!!!

This project is far from complete.  But today we made decent progress.  Maybe the weather will improve so we can have this finished by August.  This "party" yard will be officially christened in celebration of our daughter's wedding rehearsal.  

Padgett project are never simple and always messy.  But they are certainly adventurous!

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