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Slow Your Breath Down: Future of Forestry

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So many of my favorite songs are associated with pleasant memories that are triggered when I hear them.  This tune by Future of Forestry was the first song by this band I had ever heard.  Since then, I have come to greatly enjoy their other stuff.  However, the afternoon when I heard “Slow Your Breath Down” for the first time has been cemented in my mind. 

My husband, who is a musician and great lover of all kinds of music, was told about this group by a good friend and fellow musician.  He called me into his office and wanted me to hear this song.  As it was playing on his laptop, he gently grabbed me, and while holding me close, we started slow dancing.  We swayed intimately in each others arms in the middle of his book crowded basement office as the children looked on.  Though we had an audience, my husband and I were experiencing a moment of tenderness and intimacy that we rarely experience in a house full of crazy kids.  Now, every time I hear this song I feel like dancing and crying all at the same time. 

“Slow your breath down”.... that is what he gave me that day.  He took me out of the rush and chaos of the schedule and carried me off to a place of love and peace.  Chris has had that effect on me our whole relationship.  Though he is crazy and fun, he gives me a calmness that does not come naturally to me.  What a gift I have been given. 

Listen to it again. Take a moment and dance... all by yourself if need be or grab anyone near you and move together.  Slow down.... and breathe. 


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