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The TARDIS door (AKA... The Reason I win the award for nerd wife of the year!)


We are a nerdy family.  We love several nerdy type shows and activities.  But one of our favorites is Doctor Who on BBC.  This classic series has been around since the 60’s and has some of the best writing in the business.  Once you get past the corny retro special effects and monsters, you will discover deep running story lines and brilliant scrips.  

My husband is a part of a group of men who get together and play games. It didn’t take long for me to start calling those evenings “Geek Night”.   (I was recently allowed to join the group since my geekiness outweighs my girliness) It was this group of men that introduced my husband to Doctor Who.  After a few episodes, I told him that I was really enjoying it.  He was shocked.  He said, “If you really like this geek fest of a show, then you are the best wife in the world and I am the luckiest man.”  I looked at him strangely and said, “Um... duh... Have you not noticed my complete obsession with anything BBC?  I’m the one shocked that you like British television.”  

So, for Father’s day (a couple years ago) I decided to create him something that would make him the envy of his geeky friends.  I made him a TARDIS door which enters into the basement where their Geek Nights are held. For you less informed nerd types, TARDIS is the acronym which denotes “Time And Relative Dimension In Space”.  That basically means that it’s The Doctor’s time machine and the cloaking device is stuck in the image of a police call box.   Keep with me.  The geek lessons are finished. 


I am great at ideas, but I lack specific know-how and skill so I had to enlist some help.  A dear friend and neighbor, along with the current boyfriend of my daughter, performed most of the hard labor.  The result is spectacular!!!  Here are a few pictures and step by step process.  

The BEFORE picture of the basement door.         


The TRIM: Being that the door is hollow metal, I knew I could screw right into the door to add the effect of door panels.  I sanded then painted them.  The first blue color I got from the store was not the right color (shown), so I took it back and had them add some black to the can and managed to achieve the right shade.  My wonderful daughter helped with the painting. 


The SIGN:  This was the tricky part.  I cut a board to the right size and primed it white.  Then I found a font on my computer that resembled the font on the TARDIS.  I had to print out the words in the right size, cut them out, and then tape them onto the dried board.  

Then I had to very carefully spray paint the board black.  It took several coats that dried in between.  I had to make sure the paper didn't move while I was spraying.  

Here is the finally black board before I fixed the white letters. 

My kindergarten teacher skills were really coming back to life with this project.  I had to retouch the white with a very steady hand.  

The ASSEMBLY:  My helpers were priceless!  One day I hope to have the skills that will enable me to use power tools this easily. 


 (they even turned my light upside down)


Now do you see why I deserve the award for NERD WIFE OF THE YEAR?

This was such a great project to design and create.  My next project for my back yard will look something like....



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